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Buy Any 3 Packs, Get 1 Pack Free! Use Code: BUY3GET1


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BibBoards Patent

BibBoards, Inc. (“BibBoards”), a leading athletics company focused on both consumer and business channels, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has granted United States Patent No. 9,986,794, entitled “Fastener.” This patent covers race bib fasteners with a continuous periphery hole, and protects the BibBoards® product. Since launch last year in 2017, runners and race directors have embraced BibBoards® as the premier safety pin replacement. They contain space for custom imagery or brand logos, to be displayed proudly by the wearer in four places on a race bib.

This patent strengthens BibBoards, Inc.’s growing intellectual property web. The company also owns U.S. Patent No. 9,320,326, U.S. Reg. No. 5,296,402, U.K. Reg. No. 3,250,370 and International Registration No. 1367078 (European Union, Russia and Australia) for the word mark “BIBBOARDS”.

Invented in 2009 by patent attorney Robert Greenspoon, BibBoards® first came to market in 2017 based on the skill and talent of Brian Goodell who is also an inventor and has extensive experience in bringing new ideas global over the past 15 years.

“This new patent helps guarantee the company’s continued ability to defend its strong growth, and to protect the running world from unsafe safety pins for years to come,” said Goodell, President of BibBoards. “While expanding our overall intellectual property portfolio, this new patent solidifies the long-term market exclusivity of our unique BibBoards® product.”


About the BibBoards® Product

BibBoards® is a two-piece lightweight race bib fastener with space for either stock or custom imagery. They are safer and easier to use than safety pins, and won’t feel heavy or cling like magnets do. They are perfect for runners and their clubs who want to race in their own custom logo, for race directors looking for new sponsorship channels, or for companies seeking to increase brand awareness within eye-catching “bricks and mortar” ad space. They are also available wholesale for retail stores. Consumers can place custom orders through, or purchase any of several existing fun designs through that website or


About BibBoards, Inc.

BibBoards, Inc. is a leading USA athletics company primarily focused on ridding the world of unsafe safety pins through the development and distribution of innovative BibBoards® racing bib fasteners. BibBoards’ skilled team maximizes consumer race experiences, and enables new and exciting non-virtual marketing opportunities for races and companies. BibBoards’ state of the art technology and responsive fulfillment let it create and (if needed) rush-deliver anywhere in the USA custom BibBoards orders containing any lawful imagery fitting on the product’s lightweight front surface.