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BibBoards Inc. Announces Partnership with a Series of Running Events

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The most valuable real estate in the endurance sports industry BibBoards Inc. is pleased to announce that it is an official partner with the following running events: Fast Freddie Challenge, Bay Bridge Half, Livermore Valley Half, Oakland Turkey Trot, Oaktown Half, and Irvine Half. 

BibBoards products are valuable and kid friendly. They offer fun and straightforward safety pin replacement. These products are quicker and easier than safety pins. They eliminate the danger of getting hurt by the sharp pin spear and do not damage standard athletic fabrics. 

Speaking of the partnership, the events owner and Mascot sports founder Ryan Dawkins said, “This partnership with BibBoards will allow us to offer a 100% Greener recyclable solution instead of the old safety pin, and this will reduce the waste footprint at our events. One thing I like is our participants will now eliminate the holes in the shirts we hand out and they will keep them as souvenir and collectible.”

Founder of BibBoards Inc. Brian Goodell added, “Being partnered with these events gets us five steps closer to our goal of ridding the endurance sports world of the safety pin by 2021. These events are taking part of the #savetheShirt movement that is happening all over North America.”

BibBoards Inc. is excited about this amazing partnership and will help the events to avoid safety pins, magnets and holes in shirts. Participants of the events will enjoy a greener recyclable approach pioneered by BibBoards, which eliminates fumbling with safety pins, tearing paper race bibs, pin poking one’s fingers, and other frustrating experiences. BibBoards’ products are functional, aerodynamic and reusable. A runner will take the Custom BibBoards to each event, which means recurring marketing.

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