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BibBoards Helps Races Achieve Sustainability Safely

BibBoards is answering the call to Go Green, and help races achieve unprecedented levels of sustainability. BibBoards announces the launch of its new program – Ten Million Gone (“TMG”). TMG is the company’s answer to the environmental plague that we know of as safety pins. Although it may seem audacious, BibBoards is committed to getting rid of Ten Million unsightly, dangerous, unsustainable safety pins by the end of 2023. The company also hopes to inspire endurance sports enthusiasts, race watchers, and even other companies to join the movement toward racing sustainability.

Approximately 50 million people every year participate in walking, running, cycling, track & field and other recreational athletic events, which means that up to 200,000,000 rusty old safety pins could potentially litter the streets or trails of our great cities, parks and wilderness areas. BibBoards says: We can be better than that. BibBoards has taken a frontline role in the battle for our environment, making endurance races more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

With TMG, BibBoards chose a modest yet meaningful goal of getting rid of just 5% of the racing world’s safety pin scourge.

BibBoards’ TMG program also raises awareness. Did you know that per household, we emit carbon from the following activities?

  • 14% of carbon emission per household comes from food preparation and cooking.
  • 17% is from home cooling or heating.
  • 15% is from home energy use such as powering/charging laptops/desktops, smartphones, washing machine or ironing clothes.
  • 26% is from what we buy such as clothes, shoes, other necessities as well as home decor.
  • 28% is from transportation.

Beyond participating in BibBoard’s TMG project to have Ten Million Gone by 2021, here are a few suggestions that are achievable for anyone:

  • Eat foods at the base of the food chain: fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.
  • Use reusable bags when shopping. Avoid using plastic bags and containers.
  • Conserve energy at home by unplugging appliances, electronics and other devices when not in use. Turn off lights when not needed, like during the day. Switch to LED light bulbs: they are more energy efficient and last 25 times longer than incandescent light.
  • Support and buy from businesses that are environmentally sustainable and responsible such as BibBoards. By supporting these enterprises, you are also supporting sustainability.

Little changes make a big difference in helping to save the environment. BibBoards’ Ten Million Gone TMG program (which will eliminate nasty safety pins) is just one step. Join us, use BibBoards in your next race. For more details contact