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BibBoard Badges For Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Endurance Races

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BibBoards is the frontline in making endurance races more sustainable and environmentally conscious. The release of a special Badge by the company that will support events to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of the rusty old safety pins. The badge which can be posted on the official websites, social media, press release and share at the events. It is to announce that events use Recyclable BibBoards for more environmentally friendly races and to finally rid the streets, roads, and tracks of rusted safety pins before, during and after the events.

Badges issued by BibBoards are to give the stamps of approval showing city planners and environmental groups that event organizers are going green - by getting rid of rusty old safety pins. Reusable Bibboards are placed as an alternative to promote cleaner races - whether before, during or after. Safety pins used do not hold bibs well. They get easily removed from the shirts or racing apparel. They also litter the streets and hard for the cleanup crew to clear away after the event. Thus leaving them scattered on the grounds. They get into the drainage system or get stuck in tracks, contributing to the pollution of the environment.

Most participants in endurance races are environmentally conscious and play active roles in promoting sustainable living. Event organizers have the chance to show their support by getting rid of safety pins in races and use Reusable BibBoards. 

"This will encourage people to know environmentally conscious events, bring in more like-minded participants, and use the BibBoards over and over again” - Derek Fox (BibBoards VP).

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