In Honor Of

At BibBoards, we know you run to honor the people you love. You devote your races to your loved ones battling cancer, to your spouses serving our country overseas, to your children who bring you joy, and to the memory of those who inspired you to be who you are today.

In celebration of those you honor, we honor you right back.

Use our CUSTOM platform and upload a headshot from a photo of someone YOU want to honor in your next race, and beyond. Enter code HONOR at checkout for a special custom price, just $15 for a set of four BibBoards. That’s a full $5 off the regular price for a CUSTOM order!

*Actual Size Of A Nickel

5 Easy Steps To Uploading Your Design

BibBoard Outline is Safe Zone for Artwork

1. Upload JPEG highest resolution (1MB file size limit)

2. Use sliders to adjust image to your printing preference

3. Click preview

4. Enter Quantity for pricing discounts

5. Add to Cart and continue shopping or checkout

  • The actual size of the BibBoard is 1 inch" wide by 0.823" high about the size of a nickel
  • We print uploaded images and do not manipulate art files
  • Final delivery is actual art submitted
  • Make sure art is exactly how you want it. No returns on custom.
  • For large bulk discounts over 50 please contact

Custom Order

4 BIBBOARDS equals one pack

BibBoards says who you are and what you do. It is A LIFESTYLE. BibBoards replaces safety pins, letting you express yourself and won’t make holes like safety pins do. Want to express your style? Choose from dozens of fun designs that snap on easier than buttons, with no holes!

Weight: Less than 1 OZ

Packaging: 3" x 5" card


Enter quanity to see volume price discounts


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