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Why Are You Still Using Safety Pins?

You’re gearing up for a big race — running, cycling, maybe even a triathlon. Your last step of prep is to get your race bib in place. Cue safety pins pricking your fingers and tearing holes in clothes, or magnets bouncing against you as you move and coming undone halfway towards the end of the race.

It’s awkward and uncomfortable and the last thing you ever want to be worrying about just before your big moment.

Sound familiar?

Say hello to BibBoards. #The No Pin Rev

Nobody likes having to get race bibs in place, but it’s a necessary evil everyone has to go through if they want to participate. For years athletes have been ruining their clothing, stabbing their fingers, and struggling to get the things on.

Luckily, that’s all about to change.

In 2009 Rob, an avid runner, patent attorney, and Chicago Marathoner, had had enough. He wanted to find a solution to this pre-race hassle, only to find there wasn’t one. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he decided to contact his friend and saavy inventor and business expert to launch the product in the USA. Brian had success getting his product into over 30,000 stores in the USA and Canada. Match made to move forward.

BibBoards are the pin-free solution for all racers and event participants. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or tri-athlete, BibBoards will help to make your pre-race prep just that little less stressful.

With a flat, rounded design specifically made for logo placement, BibBoards are not just for athletes, but sponsors as well.

Once nothing more than an idea in 2009, in 2016 BibBoards became a reality. Now in 2017, we’re bringing them to the world.


Stand out from the crowd

Over 17 million people cross a race finish line every year. With that many people participating — let alone watching — race bibs are highly desirable real estate for sponsor exposure.

BibBoards give sponsors more opportunities than ever to get their name out into the public eye. Each BibBoard clasp gives a sponsor up to four places on each athlete to display their logo. This allows them unprecedented exposure for both national and international competitions.

BibBoards are fun and straightforward safety pin replacements. They’re not only quicker to put on, their considerably easier as well. They’e even safer, by removing the risk of impaling yourself with a sharp pin spear.

And best of all for racers, they won’t damage standard athletic fabrics. Good sports clothing isn’t cheap. The last thing any athlete needs is to replace clothing after every race.


So how do they work?

BibBoards are designed as easy-to-use snap-style buttons.

Each BibBoard has two halves, a “male” and “female” side. The “female” side has a hole in the middle and goes under the clothing. The “male” side has a small peg and goes on the outside of the shirt.

All you do is line up the male and female sides and snap them together — and that’s it! No needles, no clasps, just squeeze and you’re done.

The male BibBoard has a flat, round back that’s ideal for either logo placement or personal customization by the athlete.


BibBoards vs Safety Pins

So here’s a quick rundown of how BibBoards compare to traditional safety pins:

  • Holes in Clothes: a common problem with safety pins, but a thing of the past with BibBoards. BibBoards don’t penetrate the fabric and won’t tear standard athletic material.
  • Ease of Use: Safety pins need you to precisely maneouver the pin to make sure it sits in the clasp properly. With BibBoards, all you need to do is squeeze the two halves together and they’re set. It doesn’t get much easier!
  • Functionality: Standard safety pins can tear paper race bibs, which can leave them to come loose and get lost. BibBoards are much more functional and hold paper bibs in place without tearing them.
  • Branding Opportunity: Safety pins are small and incongruous, leaving no room for branding or sponsorship opportunities. BibBoards have a round, flat surface ideal for sponsor logo placement.
  • Reusability: Safety pins typically end up as waste. BibBoards are easier to keep track of and reuse over and over again, cutting down on waste and longterm costs.


Branding and marketing opportunities

BibBoards are uniquely designed to allow sponsors, event organizers, and participants to advertise their message on racers.

Maybe you’re a race sponsor and want your logo seen by as many people as possible? BibBoards give you unique visual real estate during the race across many racers.

Maybe you’re a sports brand targeting driven individuals? What better way to advertise yourself than on athletes during a competition?

Or maybe you’re a charity, looking to raise awareness for your cause? BibBoards allow you to spread your message across millions of people every year to help drum up both awareness and support.

And it’s not just branding opportunities, either. BibBoards can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, such as:

  • Gifts in race goodie bags. Print your logos onto the BibBoards and hand them out in participation bags at major events.
  • Free branded gifts for people buying sports attire such as running or cycling gear.
  • Print QR codes on BibBoards to direct participants and people they know to online stores or special offers for participating in the event.
  • Special mementos containing the event name and date.


With BibBoards, everyone’s a winner. Racers get a functional, easy-to-use means of securing their race bibs, and sponsors and organizations get a unique opportunity to get their names in front of crowds of people across the world.

So what are you waiting for? Stay a step ahead of the competition with BibBoards!