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4th of July Sale! Save 20% Use Code: EPIC4TH


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Oh Snap – My Race Bib is Finally Straight thanks to bibSNAPS!

We’ve all been there.

You would think that after all the races I have participated in, that I would be better in one area. No, not my pre-race warm up routine. Not having my hydration and refueling system down to a T. No, not even pacing myself better(though I still wish I was better at this). I wish I could get my stupid race bib on my shirt front straight. Goodbye pins; hello BibSNAPS.


From a functionality standpoint, bibSNAPS are about the biggest no-brainer in the running world. Seriously, I don’t know how I went so long without these. It’s about as easy as it comes. Simply place your bib in the desired location on the shirt and press and lock the front and back pieces together. That’s it. They hold the bib evenly against the shirt – straight for once – and don’t put holes in your apparel. The back side is smooth so my initial worries about chafing have thus far been unwarranted.



bibSNAPS seriously can look like whatever you want them to. There are plain versions for if you just want something that blends in. However, the customizability options are seemingly almost endless. Shoot, even build your own!


I have done a pretty decent job at storing my old pins in my car to reuse in future races. But, there are times that races add pins into pickup bags and, thus, I am left with so many extras floating around. I don’t really feel like tossing them, but bibSNAPS is perfecting the reusability option and making it even easier to forego the often one-time use safety pins.


bibSNAPS is one of those items that may not seem like a “necessity” when it comes to racing, but once you have it seems like a no-brainer. Additionally, this item may actually be a necessity to many out there (we overlooked this on our first draft). bibSNAPS works with many organizations that assist disabled organizations – St. Jude Children’s Hospital, runDisney, Moms on the Run, Juvenile Diabetes – where this items is absolutely necessary and safer to manage.

It’s 2022 – and progressing from safety pins to a reusable option seems like a logical step in the racing evolution.