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Knock Knock, Who’s There? NOT SO SAFE Safety-pins Is Out, In The Event Biz…

New revolutionary race bib fasteners everyone is ditching Not Safe-safety pins for A dreaded safety pin routine to attach a bib number was always a necessary part of every athletic competition until now. A brain child of Springbok Athletics, BibBoards are innovative bib pin replacements which promise some serious benefits for both athletes and sponsors.

Intrigued by these prospects, we decided to find out more.

The traditional pin routine As mentioned above, until recently, there was no viable pin replacement available. These little devices, invented roughly 200 years ago, were eagerly adopted by athletes. After all, attaching a bib was always an integral part of preparing for pretty much any competition.

How else would the event officials be able to tell registered participants apart? Bibs also help professional photographers on the course to match event photos. And of course, they also make life easier for spectators and help them cheer on the right person!

Despite the benefits, no athlete ever enjoyed attaching their bib with unruly, prickly safety pins. There are many obvious disadvantages to those, including but not limited do:

  • Small size safety pins are very sharp and dangerous for kids and special needs people.
  • Due to their size, they are hard to operate
  • Flimsiness this especially applies to cheaper pins, which break and bend all the time
  • They make holes in expensive athletic shirts and shorts
  • Last but not least safety! Most athletes find it easier to attach safety pins while the costume is already on, which increases the risk of involuntary acupuncture. They can also actually open during the event, and the results can be even more annoying and traumatic.

It is also quite difficult to fasten a bib number properly with safety pins, so it’s not crooked or wrinkly. Bad positioning may potentially cause all sorts of annoyances, from unwanted sound effects to outright discomfort. Fortunately, some clever inventors from Springbok Athletics decided that getting event ready is difficult enough without safety pins and came up with a clever alternative which is already winning many athletes over!


The Bib Snaps

So what are BibBoards, and are they just a new exercise gear fad? Highly unlikely they are so clever in many ways that we are absolutely convinced these little safety pin replacements are here to stay.

BibBoards are quite genius in their shameless simplicity. They consist of two flat parts: a wider exposed detail and a second piece which works by pushing part of a racer’s shirt into a recess, providing a secure fit. The pieces easily snap together, and when the race is over, they can be easily popped off. The snap on technique doesn’t damage the fabric and only leaves a dimple that will wash out, or even disappear on its own depending on the properties of the fabric. The latter also makes these number fasteners reusable, which means they can survive numerous events without a need for replacement.

It also goes without saying that due to being much more durable and substantial than safety pins, we found BibBoards much easier to use. At the same time, they don’t look bulky and don’t attract unnecessary attention they are definitely right there but don’t look flashy or overpowering.

As the bib clips are aero-dynamic, there is also no awkward rubbing, flapping, moving and adjusting, which no one has time for during important events! Instead, BibBoards offer fun, straightforward safety pin replacements which are quick and easy to use.

So what’s the catch? There is no catch whatsoever, provided the bib fasteners are used as directed.


Advertising opportunity

It is no secret that major sporting events have always attracted sponsors as an opportunity to advertise their business whilst supporting a good cause. Looks like BibBoards are taking it to a whole new level. We’ve mentioned that one of the pieces the one that’s exposed is essentially a relatively large flat surface. So why leave it empty? This space essentially makes BibBoards billboards on bibs. As four bib fasteners are required for each bib, it creates an opportunity to display a business logo up at up to four places on each athlete, by all other athletes in a race, plus, of course, the spectators used in this way, BibBoards also make great keepsakes and collectibles something safety pins definitely can’t offer the bigger the competition the greater potential exposure is. Besides, the graphics definitely wont get lost during TV translations, engaging relevant audiences worldwide. The down math All in all, BibBoards are great, easy to use, convenient and fun. They provide many advantages for athletes and sponsors alike, and we really hope that this clever invention is here to stay.

If you’re ready to give it a run for your next event, visit the official website for more information.