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4th of July Sale! Save 20% Use Code: EPIC4TH


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BibBoards Helps Events Increase Revenue On Race day

BibBoards are well known for its great products that improve race day. What you may not know is how easy and beneficial it can be to partner with BibBoards to create custom BibSNAPS for your event or business. Partnering with BibBoards is a surefire way to get your brand in front of a large audience and to increase your return on investment that comes with sponsorship. Here is everything you need to know to partner with BibBoards to grow your business and bring in extra revenue.

BibSNAP Branding puts your Logo Front and Center

BibSNAPS are the best way for endurance athletes to secure their bibs on their jerseys on race day. BibSNAPS use patented Snap and Lock technology to keep your bib secured on race day with no holes and no magnets. In addition to being fully reusable and recyclable, bibSNAPs are fully customizable and brandable, making them the perfect place for your business to put your logo.

The most valuable real estate in the world of endurance sports is on an athlete’s body. BibSNAPS allows your brand to be displayed front and center on every athlete’s chest as they participate in a race and cross the finish line. BibSNAPS puts your logo on the front of each participant in four different places. That is four different opportunities for someone to see your logo as each runner passes by.

BibSNAPS are completely reusable, and a runner will need a pair of bibSNAPS every time they enter a race. One partnership with BibBoards could mean that your logo is featured on race day for years to come. BibSNAPS are the only opportunity you may have to place your brand on the front of each endurance athlete. This positioning is far more valuable than a sponsorship on the back of a t-shirt, on the finish line, or a banner somewhere along the course. Unlike these other options, BibSNAPS puts your logo front and center on a moving billboard. Every participant in the race and every spectator is sure to see your logo all day long.

Race day is a great opportunity for participants and their families to take photos. Finishing a race is a big accomplishment and each participant will have their photo taken multiple times throughout the race. These photos are often uploaded onto social media, made into profile pictures, and printed off and displayed in people’s homes. Imagine if every single picture taken on race day featured your business displayed brightly and clearly in four different places thanks to sponsored BibSNAPS from BibBoards.

Ways you Can Partner with BibBoards

Working with BibBoards is a great way to bring in revenue for your event or business. There are four ways that you can partner with BibBoards to increase the visibility of your brand and raise money for your event. Here are the ways we offer partnerships with race organizers, charities, and businesses.


BibBoards offers the best sponsorship opportunities for businesses and brands. Sponsoring a race often provides advertisements on a banner or t-shirt, but with BibSNAPS, brands and their logos are placed front and center for everyone to see. Every endurance brand wants to get as many eyes on their logo as they can and sponsoring a set of BibSNAPS is the best way to put their business in front of the widest possible audience.

Race organizers love BibSNAPS and the opportunity they provide for sponsorship. Event organizers understand just how valuable a high-visibility piece of real estate is for brands. Providing participants with a piece of gear they will love that is fully customized with a brand looking for exposure is a win for all parties involved.

Promotional Partnerships

Promotional Partnerships are perfect for event organizers that want to increase the value of their event by providing a customized set of BIbSNAPs to everyone who participates. Instead of handing out safety pins that damage shirts, poke wearers, and litter the course, organizers can hand out custom-designed bibSnaps at the packet pick-up table.

Participants love bibSNAPS because they offer an expressional piece that they can use again and again. They become collectible items that can be reused. Participants will beam with pride every time they lock in their bib with BibSNAPS which features a race that they completed. BibSNAPS increase the value of your event and provide every participant with a reusable piece of gear that they’ll love all while promoting your event.


BibSNAPS are great for raising funds for your organization or cause. Charity events can give a custom set of BibSNAPS away to individuals who donate money to the cause. BibSNAPS are highly collectible and possible donors will be motivated to give money in exchange for a unique and exclusive set of bibSNAPS.

When you use BibSNAPS to fundraise, you are turning your supporters into your voice. When people buy custom BibSNAPS that support the cause and wear them in an event or the community, they are spreading the word about your organization and the cause you are fighting for. Every donation also acts as an investment into the marketing of the organization. Donors and volunteers will be proud to support the cause and are far more likely to wear their bibSNAPS at every opportunity.

Retail at Packet Pick Up

Another great way to work with BibBoards is to offer BibSNAPS for sale at the packet pick-up of your next event. BibSNAPS are extremely practical for race day but are also collectible. This makes them an impulse buy for many participants picking up their participation packet.

BibSNAPS are a great way to increase revenue on race day as they are sold at a 65% profit margin with the average order being around $40. Making bibSNAPS available at the packet pick-up table can help your event earn more while providing participants with a highly useful and desirable piece of gear and reducing the number of safety pins that can litter the course after the race is finished.

BibBoards offers business and event organizers an unbeatable way to increase revenue and improve the race day experience for everyone involved. Contact BibBoards today to begin your partnership.