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4th of July Sale! Save 20% Use Code: EPIC4TH


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My running blog is about my 50 states half marathon journey. I mostly blog about any and all races that earn me a bib, shirt, cap, medal, wine glass…. I share everything about my journey from my supportive family and friends to each race course, be it trail or road! This particular blog post isn’t about a specific race but something I get asked about A LOT at races.

People often ask me, “What are those little thingy’s on your bib?” 🤔

Or they ask if I have buttons or magnets holding my bib on. 

So, here’s a closer look at a BibBoard fastener, front and back. These “Snap & Lock Reusable Fasteners” keep my bib in place (way better than safety pins ever did) and they come in so many different designs including custom ones that you can put pictures on! It can leave a bit of a dimple in some fabrics afterwards but it’s only temporary, the fabric will flatten out again after a wash.

These are the first custom BibBoards that I had ordered and I loved them so much that I ordered more!

As a traveling runner on a mission to run all 50 states, I’m often very far away from my family so now I ALWAYS “take them with me” with my BibBoards!

My son IS NOT a big fan of running but we often spend quality family time running Fun 5K’s together, so he chose the Poop Emoji 💩 BibBoards. He gets plenty of comments on those too. 😆

Eric once tried magnetic bib holders that he had seen at a race expo. They had a strong hold and looked awesome but he had to climb over a metal barricade to get into the starting corral and one of the magnets actually adhered to a metal barricade and he didn’t realize till the race had started that it was long gone.  They were also pretty pricey. 😬 So we ONLY use BibBoards now. 😍


BibBoards attach easily to most fabrics. I have fastened them to tutu’s, which are made of very delicate tulle. I’ve also attached them to a thick fleece-lined jacket and various running costumes made from all sorts of different fabrics. No torn fabric and no holes! 😃

I’ve even worn them on my leggings! I once attached a bib with safety pins to a BRAND NEW pair of leggings and ended up ripping a small hole in them. 😢That has not happened with my BibBoards! 😍

BibBoards also have several different options to choose from now. There are soft, smooth 3D Rubeez, MeSNAPS, Metal BibSNAPS and of course the original oval-shaped fasteners! Bibboards.com has a huge selection of shapes and designs to choose from.

So there you have it! No more holes! No more torn fabrics! No more getting poked by the pin! I use BibBoards to #savetheshirt!  🧷 🚫 👚 There are other uses as well, like adding personality to a backpack or a ball cap… but I’m a runner and this is how I use them! 🏃🏻‍♀️