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bbSNAPS – ear saving solution that saves lives!

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COVID-19 has changed the face of society. Literary! Now this face is covered with a mask. Only several months ago facemasks were associated with doctors and nurses. The only “civil” facemask enthusiasts were Asian tourists. Remember how exotic they looked in airports and museums? And now a person without a face mask in a public place is the one who looks exotic and draws everyone's attention. Last year you would not even distinguish between a surgical mask and a respirator. This summer everyone is an expert in types, models, materials, and benefits of facemasks. And struggles of wearing them also. Forceful breathing, acne, and itchiness became trademarks of Summer `20. But soring ears are the rightful supreme leaders of those challenges! So no wonder that some sort of ear savers might be as desired nowadays as the vaccine from Coronavirus itself!
Ear Savers – Lifesavers.
So, let`s talk about your ears soring from those mask straps. Painful and annoying? Yes! But have you ever thought that it may be dangerous? Like any kind of pain, ears that hurt from facemask straps will distract you. And this is simply dangerous. A driver distracted by this annoying pain which slightly transformed into a headache puts himself and others in danger. A hairdresser whose attention is diverted with itchiness, won`t be able to pay attention and might injure his client. There might be millions of examples, but the result is the same – facemasks that make your ears sore may lead to significant collateral damage.
Another important thing to remember is the hygienic aspect of ear straps. Do you remember, hoe your mom always reminded to wash behind your ears? This is one of the most delicate areas on the human body and a perfect incubator for bacteria and fungus. This warm, damp, and dark area, constantly irritated by facemask ear straps automatically becomes a bacterial farm after a couple of hours of wearing a facemask. Protecting yourself and others from Coronavirus is the most important thing nowadays, but unfortunately, the only efficient means of protecting itself may cause severe health problems. So is there any kind of ear saving solution?
Mindful ear saving.
As soon as some problem occurs, the Internet responds with numerous solutions. Millions of blogs and websites offer various DIY and “know-how” ear saving solutions. One of the most popular ones is wearing DIY soft cotton facemasks. But unfortunately, they can not guarantee the necessary level of protection in the face of a real and present danger of Coronavirus. DIY facemasks are just as efficient as covering your mouth while sneezing – nice but not enough. 
Another DIY solution is wearing a headband with buttons on the side. The problem is that they make the head garment permanent with buttons. Sewing takes hours and involves using sharp needles. Well, this looks more like it! But this solution is also not universal. A girl with a cute hairband looks pretty, but a bearded tattoo artist with one is an object for discussion.
Considering the struggle BibBoards comes with an innovative solution for your sore ears. bbSNAPS is an ultimate combination of creativity, safety, and style. Those customizable strap fasteners are ultimate ear savers! You may attach them to any hat, cap or bandana. The snap mechanism is safe. bbSNAPS don`t contain any magnets, can be easily taken off and sanitized which makes them safe to wears by children, grown-ups, pregnant women, and elderly people. Those ear savers are also a perfect solution in case you wear glasses. bbSNAPS are reusable, which makes them the most eco-friendly solution on the market. They won`t destroy your hardware, don`t require any sewing and hole-piercing. So put aside your sewing kit and discover a whole new level of comfort, protection, and self-expression with bbSNAP ear savers.
Modern problems require modern solutions. With the constant need for wearing a facemask, soring ears become a real challenge of everyday life. Humanity might expect safe and efficient ear saving solutions the same, as it demands the Coronavirus vaccine itself. bbSNAPS is an easy and creative device that will protect you and your ears. Ear savers, which show the simplicity of genius.