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An Iron-Clad Patent for an Iron Man Product

A Patent as Secure as Our Product

BibBoards are well-known for how secure they keep your race bib secured to your shirt on race day. The only thing more secure than the BibBoard product is the patent that protects the technology and design that is bringing an end to the traditional safety pin.

Patented Technology

BibBoards utilize a fastening mechanism that keeps your race day shirts pristine and damage-free. The BibBoard’s technology doesn’t use magnets and will never puncture holes in the fabric of your shirt. With this technology, your bib is secured to your shirt without the threat of poking needles, the weight of a strong magnet, or the insecurity of adhesive.

This fastening technology was granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2018, making BibBoards the only company able to produce this game-changing product. With the help of advisors and Patent attorney Rob Greenspoon and Dr. Ed Zuckerberg (Yes, Mark Zuckerberg’s father), BibBoards was able to secure the patent for their unique fastener.

Can’t be imitated, Never Duplicated

The fastener patent ensures that BibBoards is the only company able to create and sell its unique product in USA & Canada. Lesser endurance companies can try to imitate the product with a magnet but that proves to demagnetize the timing chip, but they will never come close to supplying the best way to secure your bib to your shirt on race day. The iron-clad patent gives BibBoards legal backing to eradicate any potential copycats who sell rip-offs that might just rip a hole right through your shirt.

A Security that Inspires Confidence

A patent not only protects the technology used in BibBoards products, but it shows a vote of confidence in the quality of the fastening system and the design of each and every unit that goes out the door. Race directors and endurance athletes alike can have confidence in the fact that BibBoards are the real deal. The patented technology in the BibBoard is sure to keep your bib secured and your shirt safe from harm. With an iron-clad US patent, race directors and endurance athletes know that the BibBoards is the only one that can supply this quality product for race day. Not only do BibBoard’s products perform exceptionally well on race day, but they keep the course clean of dangerous safety pins and even give businesses an opportunity to sponsor the event with a fully customizable design perfect for their logo.

Businesses and sponsors can trust that they are placing their logo or design on the best product available. Knowing that they will be advertising on patented technology can give sponsors the confidence they need to show their financial support on race day. Race directors know that BibBoards are loved by racers and businesses alike. With the patented technology of BibBoards fastener, sponsors and participants alike can be sure that they are not receiving a low-quality knock-off product on race day. When your bib is securely fastened to your shirt with no damage, you can be sure that it can only be a BibBoard product.