Design Your Custom Bibboards

*Actual Size Of A Nickel

Uploading Your Design

Black Line: BibBoard Outline

Red Dashed Line: Safe Zone for Artwork

  • The actual size of the bibboard is 1" wide by 0.823" high
  • Keep all artwork within the red dashed line for best printing results.
  • Each BibBoard is actual size of a nickel
  • When saving the artwork make sure that is saved at 300 dpi
  • File Formats Allowed: JPEG

Instructions to Adjust Art:

  • Use the sliders to zoom in and out and to rotate your image

Custom Order


BibBoards are the safety pin solution for all types of racers. Whether you are a runner, triathlete, or cyclist; BibBoards make pre-race prep just a little less stressful. BibBoards was just an idea in 2009 and became a reality in 2016.

With a flat elliptical shape front specifically made for logo placement, these fasteners are not just a bonus for the athlete, but also for sponsors.

Weight: Less than 1 OZ

Packaging: 3" x 5" card


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