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Frequently Asked Questions about BibBoards

Does it make ever make a hole?

NEVER. The Patented “Snap & Lock” technology is just that. NO more holes. If you have a small dimple it will come out in the washer machine.

Will it chafe?

NEVER. The back side is smooth and so light you won’t notice it there. Out of 10,000 Reviews not one report of chaffing.

Does it work on thick fabrics?

We have tested on 100’s of garments including cycling jerseys, pull overs, NorthFace Jackets, Running Shirts, sports bra’s, Running shorts, lululemon, Under Armour, Nike and many more. It will fit through most anything your willing to compete in long distance in. However it might not go through a wool coat.

What are the made of?

We’re proud of the environmental work we do through BibBoards.

First, the clips are made from a plastic that is recyclable. We know people are reusing them and collecting them.

Secondly, we’re ridding the world of the rusty old safety pins. Safety pins are dangerous. Left around after a race, they are a menace to the environment. Who knows how many countless birds or pets have died because of them.

And finally, since BibBoards are reusable, they are a long term solution to reducing waste.

What if I have more questions?

Email: custom@bibboards.comn